Classic Boat Rental Lake Lucerne

Embark on Timeless Elegance and rent our Classic Boat

Embark on a journey through time with our Classic Boat Rental Lake Lucerne, offering exclusive vintage tours and luxury cruises. Glide across the pristine waters aboard the Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe 1967 and the 19-foot 1939 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back Runabout, where every detail has been curated to ensure an experience of unmatched elegance and sophistication.

Discover Swiss Craftsmanship: A Swiss Made Classic Boat

Step aboard the hand-built Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe and immediately feel the luxury that surrounds you. Crafted with wooden elegance and polished brass, this vessel radiates opulence. Additionally, as you board this beauty for a dive into tradition, the teak decks and leather seats echo its storied past. Furthermore, modern amenities blend seamlessly, offering a voyage of comfort in style. Ideal for sunset cruises or exclusive gatherings, the Cavallino de Luxe is ready to turn any occasion into a treasured memory. Read more here.

Experience American Heritage on Lake Lucerne

Explore the 19-foot 1939 Chris Craft Runabout, a piece of Lake Lucerne’s maritime history. Celebrating its 80th restoration anniversary, this craft revives the charm of the past. Its signature rounded stern and classic lines are a nod to a revered boating epoch. Moreover, as you revel in the detailed craftsmanship, the original engine’s purr complements the breathtaking vistas. Read more here.

Personalize Your Nautical Adventure

Furthermore, our boat rentals transcend typical transportation. Tailor your journey with private tours, romantic proposals, or upscale corporate events, all customized to your preferences. Our skilled captains prioritize safety and comfort, ensuring you can relax and appreciate the majestic views during your classic boat rental on Lake Lucerne.

Classic Boat Rental Lake Lucerne: We Commit to Excellence in Service

Finally, our dedication to excellence defines our ethos. We elevate boat hiring to an art form, attending to every detail with precision. From your first inquiry to the last moment you feel the Alpine breeze, our team ensures a flawless experience. Escape the everyday and capture the essence of aquatic grace with Lake Lucerne’s leading classic boat rental service.


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Chris Craft 1939 runabout

19-foot 1939 Chris-Craft Custom Barrel Back Runabout
The first privately owned motor boat on the lake of Lucerne has been restored for its 80 iest birthday and is now ready to take you on a ride.
Take a ride on this historic boat and create a moment you will remember forever.


Take a ride with our historic boat starting at our pier.. our boat can host up to 5 people, but we can arrange other historic boats for up to 12 people.

For members of our association we offer boat rides on the lake of Lucerne. Surprise your beloved with a special tour, have a prosecco on the lake during sunset or just explore the lake in a different way: we offer custom made boat rides.

Spend some unforgettable moments on the lake and take some pictures for a wedding, a birthday or any other special occasion.